Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Tech Companies

Understanding the Essence of Marketing

April 13, 2022

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay on top of all the new marketing trends. It’s easy to get lost in the constantly evolving world of tech and sometimes we do forget the fundamentals, the essence of marketing. What does truly drive customers through the funnel, and making them choose your product?

Listen to this week’s podcast episode with Marcus Samuelsson, a value-driven marketing strategist, who shares his passion for value-based marketing and points out some of his key marketing principles and how to create a solid process, that will guarantee success.

As referenced by Marcus in the podcast, here is an inspiring video by Julian Cole  https://youtu.be/jp9NQTDYQ48 as well as a very useful article, about how to create a compelling value proposition https://meclabs.com/education/4-keys-to-compelling-value-proposition

If you want to get to know more or get in touch with Marcus, you can find more information in the links below: 


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