Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Tech Companies

Using Programmatic Prospecting to Drive More Meetings – Brent Keltner

November 16, 2022

There are thousands of companies out there that are competing for the same buyer's attention. So how do you cut through the noise and land more meetings?

This week's podcast🎙is focusing on how one can make use of programmatic prospecting to drive more meetings. We are guested by Brent Keltner, author, founder, and president at Winalytics LCC, that’s a go-to-market- and revenue acceleration consultancy. Brent talks about the importance of aligning your teams, the role of personalized content in prospecting, and how to get through the middle of the funnel🔎

Brent gets into a few tips and tricks that you can use to personalize your go-to-market strategy, and make sure that you're delivering the right value to the right buyer persona💬

If you want to know more or get in touch with Brent, you'll find more information in the links below:





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