Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Tech Companies

Partner Marketing Trends, Insights and Challenges in 2022 - Linda Rønningen

September 21, 2022

Do you want to improve your partner marketing strategy? In this week’s podcast episode, we welcome Linda Rønningen who is a seasoned professional drawing on more than 12 years of experience in advertising, media, and B2B Tech. She works as a Director of Alliances Marketing at Crayon that’s a global and vendor-agnostic IT consultancy.


Linda shares the current trends, insights, and challenges of partner marketing and gives some advice on where tech companies should start when setting up a strategy that’s efficient within the field. She discusses how to attract your ultimate end customer in a world with more competitive channels being a part of their buying and decision-making process.


If you want to know more or get in touch with Linda, you'll find more information in the links below:






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